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If you made a booking on this website instead of the common web-site like booking. com or hostelworld. com you will have 10% discount.


  •  Because nothing is free and those websites are asking for a huge commission from your reservation. 
  • This is our official website, so we are not’t pay commission to anyone.
  •   In this way you will have a better price, and also you will help us to be more competitive and to give you better services like free breakfast and free towels.
  •   You do not belive us that the discount is true?
  •   Then please check those websites and you will see.
  •   No credit card is necessary!
  •   Free cancellation, just please let us know if you can’t come anymore on email or phone.
  •   Prices starting with 10 euro. It depends on the season.

  Check availability and the price below:

Is secure and fast, you do not need to put the credit card details.

We have trust in the backpackers, we are different from the rest of the travelers but in the situation that you will not come anymore please announce us  at: